25 years ago I photographed this essay for my diploma at Folkwangschule Essen. Strange to look at it now, considering what happens in the UK at the moment. Next year it will be published as a book, same edit and same design. Stay tuned!


Ten years ago in 2009 I published PARADISE NOW, a project about Light Pollution in relation to climate change and global warming. It has never really been perceived as that, even though, the text by Alex Ruehle points you into that direction: „Cities take up only three percent of the earth’s surface, but they are responsible for seventy-eight percent of carbon emissions. If we want to save energy, we have to turn out the lights of the cities, says the author of the Stern Report, Nicholas Stern.

My latest body of work, NO BUDDHA IN SUBURBIA is now out as a book!

An exploration of Germany in Documentary Style. Photographed from 2011 - 2016.

Having a home means having roots, which is not the same as being rooted to the spot. This is not a project about Germany as homeland per se. Rather, it creates a fixed image of a personalized bit of visual and cultural history.

This is already the eight publication of the CITY DIARIES series. Photographed in early 2018.


“Peter Bialobrzeski's photographs put a radiant, glamorous face on globalization and the invisible and powerful network that shapes our surroundings -- and virtually runs our lives." Vicki Goldberg, New York Times

In 2014 I was invited for a residency in the Italian town Lugo. Never published, still good!



Starting with the simplest, homemade vernacular architecture, based on human proportions and made with found construction materials, my photographs range as far as the exorbitant planned cities of glass, steel, and concrete.

This project examines the transformation of urban wastelands, many of them located on the peripheries of cities. The photographs were taken in more than twenty-eight cities and fourteen countries.

Informal Arrangements

Informal Arrangements features the interiors of South African shantytown shacks. These photographs speak of the desire to arrange one’s home comfortably using the few means available.

In 2003 I started this ongoing project about Europes largest City Development Project HAFENCITY in my hometown Hamburg.

Case Study Homes is actually a sketchbook. The collapse of the Lehman Brothers Bank and the paranoia about a second global economic crisis gave these images another dimension.

After "Cairo Diary" , “Athens Diary" and „Wolfsburg Diary“ and „Taipei Diary“ "Kochi Diary" and "Beirut Diary" , "Wuhan Diary" is the senventh book in the City Diary series, produced with The Velvet Cell.


Some images from my first monographic book, xxxHoly-Journeys into the Spiritual Heart of India, first published in the year 2000

Following the publication of Case Study Homes and Informal Arrangements, this striking series, which completes the Habitat trilogy, asks the viewer uncomfortable questions and forcefully underscores the fundamental right of every human being to a home and a feeling of security.

Cairo Diary is the first book in the CITY DIARIES series, developed in conjunction with THEVELVETCELL.

ATHENS DIARY is the second part of my CITY DIARIES series that I have developed in collaboration with THE VELVET CELL. Between 27th April and 6th May 2015 I have taken extensive walks through the city looking whether the "Crisis" is reflected in the urban landscape of the Greek Capital.

Beirut Diary has been photographed in October 2013


In 2014, Peter Bialobrzeski arrived in Taipei to print his book Cairo Diary. Almost immediately, he set out to document the urban landscape of what was once considered the de facto capital of China, and what it has become today.

WOLFSBURG DIARY is the third book of my "City Diaries" series that I have developed in collaboration with THE VELVET CELL. Between 27th September and 3rd October 2015 I have taken extensive walks in my hometown. The work has been developed in collaboration with KUNSTMUSEUM WOLFSBURG.

After "Cairo Diary" , “Athens Diary" and „Wolfsburg Diary“ and „Taipei Diary“ the newly released "Kochi Diary" is the fifth book in the City Diary series, produced with The Velvet Cell.